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I work at a company they sometimes pick molds up from . Middle eastern guy is usually the driver. Very nice and seemed to care about the cargo he was hauling . I would hire them to transport anything . Also very nice equipment. And there drivers can actually back a trailer .....

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I have had dealings with them in the past about 4 loads a week and it always works out.

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We ane a Trailer Dealership and have sold them over 3 Million in Conestogas this year alone, We have a very good relation with them, and they make their payments on time, they are in the process of ordering another 20 new Conestogas, We deal with harry and he runs this company with an Iron Fist and people don't like him sometimes because he is a Straight shooter. he has been nothing but professional with us. Just don't lie to him or try to Steal... Read more

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We have dealt with Canadian Flatbeds since 2011, We find them somewhat of an Expensive carrier, but they do Justify it with their Communication and Equipment. And we have no problem with them, We needed 3 Conestogas to Dallas last week and they gave us Ontime pickups and Delivery, with Constant Communication with Manpreet and Deep in their Office. It is not fair to Accuse a carrier of Holding freight ransom and not give your Full details and the... Read more

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We deal with them on daily basis, Canadian Flatbeds is over 60 trucks now and growing, Trucking is a big but very small world, Extortions are not taken lightly in this business and word gets around. They are located on in Brampton and Calgary and Harry is available whenever we ask to speak with him, They have 5 dispatchers and all of them are helpful. Speak with Ajay their Operations manager if you cant get a hold of harry. When i look at their... Read more

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This company is to be avoided at all costs. I AM NOT AN EX-EMPLOYEE... Just someone who had the unpleasant experience of doing a one time deal with Canadian Flatbed Ltd. Once they have your cargo on their equipment, they consider it their own and can do as they please. Harry is a highly unstable person, in need of psychiatric help. His erratic behaviour leads to numerous conflicts with receivers / shippers etc and when he does not like what he... Read more

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WE use this company on daily Basis, I know they have alot of Dedicated Customers, If you do not have proper Insurance you cannot get the Plates from the government to run trucks, or Cross the border, They are doing 2 loads for us right now and they are good to us, We speak with harry On daily basis, We do know that he sold bunch of equipment and is moving towards NON asset based company, so i guess Drivers were laid off, and here they are... Read more

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A driver from their company was in the U.S. and failed to secure its load on the highway causing a long metal pole to come flying off and went through my car into the hood. The driver pulled off. The driver gave police a false insurance company and I had to find it myself online using pictures of the side of the truck I took after the owner wouldn't cooperate. The owner wouldn't supply me with the correct insurance info after several calls and a... Read more

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Thus company delivers damaged freight, gives bounced checks, lies about delivery constantly, refuses to maintain trucks or pay their mechanics bills, in fact they give bounced checks to cover costs, their owner lies to us customers about our freight and won't pay for damages they do to it. They lie to brokers and attempt to undercut other businesses for freight and refuse to be honest about anything. Do NOT use this company for freight, you will... Read more

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I drove there for 2 years. Cheques bounced like super balls. Pays come from personal accounts of numerous office staff. Trucks are not maintained. Drivers are pushed down the highway with no sleep and we never got home time. In 2 years i had about 3 months of home time. When i finally refused to drive his truck because it was jot fit for the road i was fired.

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